Company History
The original company and Sharp dealership was established more than 15 years ago and the current owners took over the company in its current form in 2003. Typestar has been delivering exceptional service to customers in Rustenburg and surroundings.

What we do
Typestar specialises in the supply and service of Sharp copiers, facsimiles and cash registers, and supply high quality office furniture, computers and network to companies of all sizes. Our Document Solutions provide functionality that is geared towards minimising costs and furthering efficiencies, whilst taking into account the need to reduce an organisation’s environmental impact.

Our Services

Typestar SHARP specializes in Digital Multifunctional System, and quality office furniture to suit every budget.

We stock enough consumables in order for all contracts to be serviced and customers will never be left waiting. Typestar has a computer based fault logging system that gives us full control of all outstanding or incomplete calls. We provide fast, efficient service as perl our service level agreements. Except for providing our customers with outstanding service, we thrive on selling the benefits of our products rather than the features.

  1. Sharp Printers

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  2. Office Furniture

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  3. Computers & Cash Registers

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  4. Networks

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Strategy & Vision

Vision statement
Our vision is to be the top Document Solution and Office Equipment Provider in each of the markets we serve, known for quality, service and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Mission statement
Harnessing our relationship with our customers, understanding their requirements and delivering exceptional service is the cornerstone of our company. We want to offer each customer the opportunity to put us to the test and create a lasting relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Business goals & objectives
Typestar’s goals are to expand into new and existing customers from all sectors with the aid of our new Marketing and Telesales Department.
We aim to rapidly expand our client base through effective marketing and sales efforts.


What They Are Saying